Maximize your event ROI

Turn attendees into clients.

You have an event upcoming? Add the KAYO-effect!

Thousands of opportunities are waiting for you to turn your visitors into customers.

1. Display and share all your documents

Store, stream and share all your documents. PDF, video, images: all your content is made available and automatically updated.

2. Generate qualified leads

Through document downloads at your stand, you will understand the areas of interest of your visitors.  This vital data helps to serve them better and transform them into new customers.

3. Optimize your event

On top of the application, KAYO also offers consulting, equipment rental as well as its delivery to your event.

Your event will be “digitized”: the irreplaceable human interaction will be enhanced through the digital transfer of content that the visitor selects himself at your stand. The visitor information can be accessed on the KAYO platform by the teams that manage your events, marketing and sales: each for their contribution to your business.

The end of printed documentation

Research shows that enterprises spend  on average € 4,000 per event on printing and transporting documentation. Over 40% of this printed documentation is thrown away at the event itself!

Your visitors will be happy (and great qualified prospects)

Your visitors will enjoy the comfort to select only the documentation relevant for them and not having to carry any of this with them!

Your stand will look more innovative and in line with the digital era.

Your colleagues from other business units or subsidiaries will jealously contact you to also make their content available through the KAYO application.

You will be able to deliver the ultimate customer service

Events and trade shows are key moments in the life of any enterprise. We understand this and provide top quality support and service with an experienced team.

Digital documentation has a high perceived value

Replacing printed documentation by digital versions will improve the ROI of your events.

Events and trade shows are your best business asset

Events and trade shows generate the best moments to personally meet your customers and prospects. KAYO helps to justify investing in events!

A great service to simplify your life

The KAYO culture is above all about innovation and service. A dedicated contact person will be at your disposal to guide you. We are committed to give the best for the success of your trade show

For all types of events

KAYO offers you support throughout all your scheduled events
B2B events and trade shows

To know your visitors, develop your business and generate qualified leads, use KAYO at your B2B events

Road Show

Take KAYO on your roadshow and achieve great savings in printing, transportation, customs and logistics.

Congress, Conferences, Seminars

To share your documentation with your participants, install a KAYO documentation kiosk in the venue.


Simplify your life during your shows abroad by downloading KAYO on your tablet or on-site rented equipment.

Create your event now!

Thousands of opportunities are awaiting you at events and trade shows.
NOW is the moment to improve your event marketing actions